After my session the pain in my shoulder subsided. For the first time in months I was pain free and able to turn my head with out discomfort. --- Mike R

Diane is a gifted practitioner in the field of Reiki and Therapeutic Acupressure. She has the intuitive ability to facilitate balance at the individual's root source, which also ripples out to soothe, clear, and rejuvenate our mind, body, and spirit as a whole. --- Cindy

I suffer from kidney stones and find that I am able to pass them easily with little pain or discomfort. ---Fred H

I suffer from a torn meniscus in my left knee and have been walking with little discomfort since my sessions. It feels as if it is mending. ---FMH

My migraine headaches are instantly relieved and are less frequent. ---AD

After my session, I felt calm and focused. Whatever has been holding me back from living was released. I am happy and calm and don't seem to stress like I used to. ---Joann

My daughter recovered from surgery quickly and with very little bruising. ---DL

Diane has the ability to assist in moving forward in your own unique journey. ---Debi

I found Diane's reiki session to be powerfully calming and healing. I felt much peace and calmness at the end of the session. I also found it very helpful that she shared with me her findings and impressions after the session. They confirmed what I was feeling and gave me more clarity and direction. I'll definitely go back to her for more sessions. ---Belinda

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